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The Heartful Spanish Podcast

Learning a language has never been so easy - or so joyful!

¡Aprender un idioma nunca ha sido tan fácil ni tan divertido!

Apr 24, 2022

It’s so important to have self-compassion when we’re going through tough times.

In this episode, I give some examples of how we can show compassion to ourselves.

And I share a number of resources that may help you in difficult times.

This is the website of Dr Kristin Neff, the psychologist I mentioned who is an expert on self-compassion.

Here is the kundalini yoga video by Onkartej for healing grief.

Here is the Instagram link to empath coach Nicola, at Defining_You , and you can see her somatic self soothing video on my IG (HeartfulSpanishPodcast) under Self Love

And, finally, here's a link to a wonderful meditation course on the Insight Timer app, with dreamy-voiced meditation teacher, davidji.